Introducing SURF!

Richard Pulis from the Sophos NPI and Tools Development team gives us a demo of Sophos Support's latest log diagnostic tool, SURF.

0:00 - Introduction
0:40 - Analyzing SDUs
2:00 - SURF Dashboard
3:14 - Endpoint policy settings
3:46 - Rule Detection Engine
6:05 - Search Functionality
7:15 - Feedback
7:50 - More info

SURF will be available for Windows 10 devices only, on June 23rd from the Partner Portal. Click here for the download link and the user guide:

Register for one of our webinar sessions where we'll be discussing SURF in-depth, and answering your questions live!

Sophos Partners are invited to join our Partners-only SURF group on the Community to raise questions and receive assistance on SURF: