Sophos Endpoint: Sophos File Scanner Debug Logging on Windows Endpoint & Server

Simon from Sophos Support shows you how to enable debug logging for Sophos File Scanner using the Sophos UI and Powershell. Learn how to identify scanned directories and files by using SophosFileScanner.exe to create exclusions and improve performance.

Note: Sophos File Scanner is only present in the Sophos Endpoint Self Help tool on Windows 10 (x64) and above, and Windows Server 2016 and above.

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00:12 Overview
01:33 Sophos UI
02:52 Powershell
03:15 Sophos File Scanner Log

Powershell Command:
[New-ItemProperty -path “HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Sophos\Logging\SFS” -Name “LogLevel” -Value 0]

Relevant Documentation:

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