Sophos Mobile (v9.5): Intercept X for Mobile (on Android)

We'll describe the anti-malware and MTD app "Sophos Intercept X for Mobile," its installation, configuration and usage using an Android smartphone as an example.

Skip ahead to these sections:
00:00 - Introduction
01:06 - Installation
01:45 - First start and assignment of permissions
03:41 - Anti-malware - First scan
04:29 - Anti-malware - Removal of malicious apps
07:01 - Information on device security
07:31 - Network security settings - Web filtering
08:39 - Network security settings - Link Checker
09:33 - Network security settings - Wi-Fi Security
10:07 - Authenticator for one-time passwords (OTP)
10:38 - KeePass compatible password safe
10:59 - Secure QR Code Scanner
12:26 - Authenticator and Password Safe in practical use
14:35 - Password-protected apps using App Protection
16:06 - Privacy Advisor - Overview of app permissions
16:52 - The most frequently used functions as a shortcut on the home screen
18:11 - Web filtering in practical use
19:00 - Sophos Intercept X for Mobile in business use

Sophos Intercept X for Mobile product page:

Sophos Intercept X for Mobile in Google Play:

Sophos Mobile 9.5 – What’s New:

Sophos Mobile Admin Guide:

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