Sophos Firewall v17.5: Chromebook Single Sign-on (SSO)

This video describes the steps to setup Chromebook SSO on the Sophos XG Firewall (version 17.5).

Skip ahead to these sections:
0:00 Overview
0:46 Prerequisites
1:12 Example set up
1:48 Integrate AD server with XG device
2:15 Enable Chromebook SSO
2:54 Create a self-sign certificate on the XG
3:30 Configure Chromebook SSO options
3:50 Create firewall rules to allow for user authentication
5:12 GSuite Admin configurations
5:38 User setting configurations
6:00 Downloading the JSON config file
6:27 Public session settings
6:47 Obtaining and installing the CA certificate file
7:53 Chromebook SSO example

How to set up Chromebook SSO:

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