Sophos Firewall v18: Enabling Working from Home

Jon Hope from the Sophos Sales Engineering team outlines how to enable your employees to work from home using the XG Firewall.

Skip ahead to these sections:
0:19 Overview
0:41 What is a VPN?
1:15 What are my options?
1:33 IPsec VPN (Sophos Connect) Intro
2:35 How to setup IPsec and Sophos Connect
3:33 Installing Sophos Connect Client
4:02 Importing Sophos Connect Profile
4:28 IPsec VPN (Sophos Connect) Summary
5:07 SSL VPN Intro
5:31 How to setup SSL VPN
6:38 Installing SSL VPN Client
7:42 SSL VPN Summary
8:20 Clientless VPN Intro
8:58 How to setup Clientless VPN
9:33 Accessing Clientless VPN
9:55 Clientless VPN Summary
10:47 Sophos RED Intro
11:37 Sophos SD-RED Summary
12:09 More info

Special thanks to Jon Hope! (

For more information regarding setting up VPN remote access, check out this post on the Sophos Community!

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